SYS-TAB Banking

SYS-TAB Banking from Sysnik provides the much needed technology for today’s financial services sector.

SYS-TAB with its comprehensive features, advance technology and security framework is the right solution for variety of business goals – financial inclusion, doorstep banking, financialization of economy and similar other initiatives.

Key Features

Account Opening

KYC check, document capture, biometric capture / authentication

Customer Service

Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement, Cheque book request

Cash Transactions

Deposit & Withdrawal

Electronic Transactions

Fund transfer (via Account No. & Bank ID, NEFT, RTGS, Other National Payments Network)


Cheque Deposit

Bill Payment

via different modes (Account, M-Wallet, Debit & Credit Card, Prepaid Card)

Security framework

2FA, Data Encryption for storage as well as transit, Agent and Customer authentication

Ability to use different types of devices

Tablet, microATM

Agent and Device management

Pre-configured biometric scanner, bluetooth printer, card reader



Mobile Workforce

Enabling a mobile workforce that can reach out to Customers and increase the business without limitations of infrastructure.


Less-Cash Society

Supporting socio-economic goals of financial inclusion, financialization, less-cash society and digitalization.


Substantial Savings

Substantial savings on capital costs required for branch / physical infrastructure.

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