SYS-CORE Banking

SYS-CORE Banking solution has at its foundation technologies of future and sound banking principles.

The solution offers great flexibility to a bank / financial institution to self-manage its changing needs on account of changing customer composition, competitive landscape and regulatory guidelines.

Each module, workflow and report has been designed to enhance customer experience, improve efficiency, reduce risks and improve outcomes through assisted processes.

SYS-CORE’s design factors in the security features that have become all the more critical in the digital world where transactions are originated from remote locations, from diverse set of entities and are processed in near real time.

Foundational Elements

Diversity of Products
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Process Configuration
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Regulation Compliance
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Security Framework Data Integrity Data Privacy Data Security
Robust Accounting
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Self-Service Analytics
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Open Banking Support
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SYS-CORE Banking solution offers high functional scalability and therefore caters to different Banking segments. The uniqueness of various types of Banks or business lines under a Bank can be configured in the system with ease.

Banking Segments

Retail Banking

  • Savings, Smart Savings, No-frills
  • Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits
  • Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans, Home Loans, Educational Loans, Home Improvement Loans

Co-operative Banking

  • SME and MSME Finance
  • Members / Community oriented products


  • Small and Micro Savings
  • JLG, SHG, Micro Enterprise Finance

Agriculture Finance

  • Crop Loans
  • Seed Procurement, Equipment Finance
  • Kisan Credit Card (India)

Commercial Banking

  • OD, CC
  • Bill Discounting
  • LG, BG
  • Project Finance

Banking Upgrade

We will be happy to assist you in meeting Banking challenges and innovation requirements
please contact us for
  • Faster roll-out of new Products
  • Improvement in Customer segmentation and risk identification
  • Ease of integration for digital payments
    settlement systems, credit bureaus, digital banking channels
  • Better compliance with Regulatory Reporting
  • Reduced time & costs in ongoing maintenance