sys-Micro Savings is a mobile enabled solution that greatly enhances operations efficiency of collection agents of a Bank. Collections for micro & small savings products happen on-the- field and therefore require technology support that is light-weight and easy to use. sys-Micro Savings solution works on mobile in a secured manner and in an integrated way with core back-office / accounting systems.

Key Features


Extract or real-time update from core back-office / accounting system, selection of Accounts

Transaction details

Last x transactions, x period, Due amount, Late fees

Customer Service

Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement


Collection through Cash, Cheque

Security framework

2FA, Data Encryption for storage as well as transit, Agent and Customer authentication


Agent and Device management

Compatible Devices

Ability to use different types of devices – Tablet, microATM


Pre-configured Biometric scanner, Bluetooth printer, Card reader


Savings discipline since the financial institutions do not have to wait for the customers to come to branch for repayments. The agents / field officers can go the field and record collections using Sys-Micro Savings solution.

No misuse, mismanagement or fraud since the transactions are recorded & updated in real-time additionally receipts are issued.

A mobile enabled solution removes the drawbacks of manual record keeping such as delayed reporting, oversight & errors, poor risk management.

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