sys-BI is a business intelligence platform that integrates different data sources and transforms / standardizes the data for business insights. The solution provides end-to- end capability for data analytics, starting with multi-source data integration, data modelling, advanced self-service charting & reporting.

Key Features

Self-service Analysis

Designing reports & charts using advanced self-service features like Drag-n-Drop, Grouping, Drill-down, Roll-up, What-if analysis, Scenario analysis

Advanced Reporting

Templatization, Save Criteria, Design & Publish, Auto-schedule

Data Modelling

Data Modelling to suit business domain

Data integrity

Data integrity checks, Sampling, transformation and standardization


Integration with varied internal & external sources – RDBMS, Flat files, Datawarehouse


Solution is database and tool agnostic thereby allowing the financial institutions to implement technologies that align with their roadmap


Mobile compatible dashboards for different roles – CXOs, LOBs, Operations, Risk Management


360 view of the business connecting product & services, Operations, Customer relationships, Sales & marketing, Staff and other critical components.

Quick & Easy designing & creation of analytics improves all-round data driven decision making.

Mobile interface ensures that the stakeholders receive real time updates, which quickens the pace of resolution / response

Performance Reporting Data Transformation