Sysnik conceptualizes, designs and develops mobile apps that bring benefits of increased productivity, real time monitoring and digitalization to an enterprise. We provide development expertise for cross-OS as well as native apps.

For every organization, it is imperative to have a mobile strategy since use of mobile devices has become all-pervasive in all spheres of our life. Customer, Employees, Partners, Vendors, End-Users want to do business, access information and collaborate, anywhere & anytime. Unless a company has a sound mobile strategy, it will fail to have competitive edge.
We make your business accessible on the go and ensure enterprise mobility. At Sysnik, we allow you to adopt mobile first strategy for diverse business needs :–

  •   We make the existing applications mobile enabled
  •   We port your existing application to mobile platform
  •   We build ground-up apps that operate on mobile or tablet
  •   We support all types of operating systems right such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

In-house backfill team ensures that every new application developed is ported on the earlier versions of the devices and old applications are upgraded to run on the new devices.

Key Features


Planning mobile first strategy


Business Requirement Analysis


Functional and Technical specifications


Enterprise Integration framework

Project Management

Project Management methodology – Waterfall, Agile, Iterative


Native iOS, Android and Windows development, HTML5, Node.js, Angular.js, ionic, Cordova, Bootstrap
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